“I have had the pleasure of working with George Denton at Strategic Resource Consultants. In addition to being the consummate pro, I was very impressed with the effort George makes to get to know a candidate both professionally and personally. In short, he really gets it – meaning that George understands the value of fit between an individual and an organization. SRC’s goal is not just to place candidates, but rather to find a long term solution that is both beneficial to the candidate and organization. That genuine interest and care in making the right candidate placements is what elevates George above industry peers and makes him such a great recruiter. I strongly endorse and recommend George Denton and the Strategic Resource Consultants team.”


“I have worked with both Geoff and George Denton over the past 15 plus years and have found them to be an excellent resource for our recruitment needs.

They’re both very conscientious on presenting qualified and completely vetted candidates before they present them to Derse. They’re responsive, polite and easy to work with.

It’s been a great partnership and I look forward to using them in the future for our recruitment needs.”

VP Human Resources

“Having worked with a number of talent acquisition agencies, I can say Strategic Resource Consultants is by far one of the best. They really take the time to identify the opportunity and match candidate’s background against company’s search criteria. SRC achieves great results by asking the right questions, listening, understanding the needs and truly delivering on them. I recommend Strategic Resource Consultants without reservations.

VP, Group Director

“Geoff Denton and Strategic Resource Consultants have always been my first go-to over my 25 years in the Exposition industry. The quality of candidate with experience in this unique industry is what this group excels in. They have a pulse on the industry which allows them to quickly provide great candidates for any position.
I encourage you to trust SRC for the growth of your business!

Vice President – Operations

“As many business owners know, finding qualified people that fit within your business culture can be challenging. For over 10 years SRC has been Creatacor’s choice for recruiting experienced, highly skilled trade show exhibit professionals. Their knowledge of our industry and our business as well as what we expect from our team of employees is why we consider SRC to be one of our most trusted partners.

President & CEO

“The events and convention industry has changed so much through the years. Strategic Resource Consultants has a proven track record, as well as, many successful placements. I have been placed on three separate occasions during my career by SRC, including my current position of almost 8 years. SRC is dedicated to fulfilling both their client’s expectations and that of the candidate. I have had the pleasure of their acquaintance since 1999 and should I have need of their services again, they would be the first recruiting firm I would contact. In this difficult time in our economy it is vital and extremely valuable to have someone like Geoff and George on your side. They genuinely care about their work, the placements they make and the people that they connect. SRC is a superb recruiter for the events and convention industry. They have the history, experience and connections that enable them to go above and beyond.”

Experience Designer

“I have had the experience of knowing both George and Geoff Denton for the better part of 20 years. In that time they helped me find new career opportunities as well as new employees on many occasions. In each and every interaction they have been fair, honest, easy to work with and well informed in regards to the needs I required or the organization I was representing. It was this in-depth knowledge that made the hiring process for myself or the organization both easily and quickly resolved. The staff they have provide have always been of high quality and prepared for the work experiences I was offering. I would highly recommend them for anyone seeking new employment opportunities or new staff.

Director of Operations

“I have worked with and known George Denton for over a decade and he never ceases to amaze me. George is your go to guy for any type of talent search in the event industry and beyond. He is truly a matchmaker made in heaven. His personality, knowledge and integrity simply shines above all others. I have recommended George to several colleagues and businesses with great success.”

Marketing Communication Consultant