The SRC Team

GeoffDenton“Without challenge, there is no change.”

Geoff Denton founded Strategic Resource Consultants 25 years ago to help ease the challenge of employment transition for both applicants and clients in the face-to-face marketing industry. He wanted SRC to be a bridge to the next level in a career. Geoff understands that changing jobs is one of life’s most stressful events. He encourages recruits to remember the reason they began a search in the first place. By focusing on the goal of a job change, whether a monetary increase or career advancement, the challenges of the unfamiliar are mitigated.

GeorgeDenton“Optimism is essential.”

George Denton joined his father at SRC three months after its founding and has been committed to provide the highest level of service to both the client and applicant. He understands the culture of his clients and takes time to counsel the job seeker. This approach ultimately results in greater satisfaction of both employer and employee.




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