The SRC History

SRC started recruiting in the Tradeshow and Exhibit Industry in 1987. Back then our clients were primarily focused on the creative design and fabrication of custom exhibits and providing show services, storage and I&D for their customers. Our typical search assignments were for account managers, account executives, project managers, estimators, designers and detailers. In fact we were known as the tradeshow recruiter of the industry.

SRC has seen a lot of changes to this industry in our 25 years of service. Many companies have grown through mergers and acquisitions. Many have grown by extending their base of business both domestically and internationally. And, unfortunately, some of our clients have ceased operations.……….

The one thing that seems to be a constant in this industry is change. By the early to
mid – 2000’s many of our clients were beginning to rebrand themselves as full service marketing agencies. Their products and services were expanding well beyond the traditional design and build of tradeshow exhibits to the design of innovative marketing solutions, which engage target audiences through live interactive experiences. Our clients are partnering with their customers to develop marketing environments, large corporate events/product launches and experiential or face-to-face marketing venues and strategies.

SRC has continued to change and expand right alongside our clients. With our solid reputation in the industry and the base of contacts we had established we have been able to expand our network and deepen our database with quality client companies and qualified candidates. Regardless of your needs we have the experience and expertise to help. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps the following graphic will give you an indication of our recruiting expertise and the markets where we can serve you.


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