Job ID: 82417-2

Job Title: Sr. Project Manager

Job Location: Atlanta

Job Salary: $75 – 85K

Job Description:

This person is the main driver of internal fabrication and graphics production projects. The individual in this position is responsible for scheduling and overseeing all assigned new production projects. This person assumes responsibility for successful and accurate production completion and profitability. Responsibilities include: estimating at times, writing of production work orders, participation in kickoff meetings, production scheduling, and management of internal departments involving new production; CAD, purchasing, graphics, production and warehouse. Project Managers are also responsible for change order racking and reporting of change orders to the internal team as well as overall project profitability tracking on assigned production jobs.

Travel is minimally required and will be evaluated on production intense projects.

Strong written and verbal communication skills are a prerequisite along with appropriate computer skills. College degrees are preferred, but not required.

This position is evaluated against this job description with an emphasis on overall production knowledge and successful fabrication project completion. Additionally, the individual in this position will be measured by their ability to communicate effectively with account teams and overall profitability of assigned projects.

Project Management Roles:

1. Estimating Responsibilities
2. Shop Work Orders
3. Kickoff Meetings – assist in project launch meetings
4. Scheduling – Manage and Create overall Project Timelines
5. CAD management and approval
6. Purchasing Management – Order all production related materials and supplies
7. Graphics Management – Manage graphics elements list during production
8. Production Management – Manage production process and items being fabricated
9. Warehouse / Logistics Management – Oversee warehouse lead in managing overall inventory
10. Quality Control – Report all Quality Concerns to appropriate department managers
11. Change Order Tracking – Communicate with AM any change order pricing and requirements
12. Project Profitability Tracking – New fabrication
13. Travel – Travel to production intense shows or as needed