Job ID: 82417

Job Title: Estimator

Job Location: Atlanta

Job Salary: $65-75k

Job Description:

This person is responsible to interpret three dimensional design/CAD images and develop estimated fabrication cost proposals. The individual needs to be well versed in exhibit/museum fabrication techniques and possess a vast knowledge of manufacturing applications. This position requires creative thinking to provide pricing options to satisfy challenging budget restrictions. The estimator must have the ability to clearly and concisely write project scope. This position requires individual to manage multiple projects consecutively and work both independently and with team members

Responsibilities include: Developing thorough pricing strategy including fabrication methodology, interfacing between design, new business development, production, account, and project management. Estimator will attend initial design launch meeting and monitor design process to advise design team of budget concerns. Estimator will also attend production launch meetings to ensure that compliance and methodology of estimates are intact.

Travel is not required, but may occasionally be requested..

Strong written and verbal communication skills are a prerequisite along with appropriate computer skills. Must have strong working knowledge of MS Excel. College degrees are not required.

This position is evaluated against this job description with an emphasis creative thinking and documenting thought process. Additionally, the individual in this position will be measured by their ability to estimate projects with a level of accuracy and minimal cost variance.

Estimator Roles:

1. Provide Written Estimates

a. Develop well thought through production activities to establish cost parameters
b. Provide raw material requirements by component
c. Establish estimate format and breakdown
d. Write concise detailed description of project components

2. Submittals for Outsourced goods

a. Provide clearly defined scope documents for outsource pricing
b. Obtain and evaluation of bid documents
c. Recommendations to project team of vendor selection

3. Show Services Estimate

a. Review show kit to determine various field service rates
b. Work with account team to determine schedule
c. Consult Show destination City Manager to review project and obtain labor estimate
d. Consult Director of AV and Technology to obtain AV/lighting estimates when required
e. Consult with Logistics/Freight Manager to obtain freight estimates

4. Estimate Review

a. Review completed estimates with sales team
b. Develop margin expectation
c. Review completed project cost against original estimate
d. Observe production of estimated projects to monitor estimate compliance


Excellent opportunity with a leader in the experiential marketing industry